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The Passion of Jesus

posted Mar 31, 2019, 1:57 PM by Bowmansville UMC

Well Lent is here folks, and we are full into the Passion of Jesus these next few weeks.

The Passion accounts in all four Gospels speak to my heart, and I hope yours also.  They are stories of failure and of courage, despair and hope, political machinations and theological inspiration. I wonder if readers of the Gospels read the Passion of Jesus with compassion.

In every good story, there is history and there is risk; and the stories of Holy Week, also called Passion week are brimming with both history and risk.

The history part provides the foundation and often what’s going on and why!  If we get the history wrong, we will misunderstand what the Gospels writers were trying to tell us!

The risk brings the anticipation, the danger, and the potential for great loss or great reward! We as Christians should always be willing to take a risk, to be open to new ideas like the Disciples were when Jesus called them to be his first Disciples. There is a deep stability in the stories in the Gospel for us Christians to realize.

Jesus' Passion during this time was not understood by any of his Disciples during their time, but we as Christians some 2000 years later see His Passion with historical eyes.  We also need to understand His Passion towards all humanity, his Love for all mankind (humankind) that only the Son of God could accomplish as God’s eternal plan.

Jesus is about to give up His life, which requires determining what a life is worth!  And that means WE have to determine what OUR lives are worth. What is worth dying for? What is worth living for? What are our (Christian) values and have WE lived up to them?

Lent is a period of atonement, which is a time to repair past wrongs. We might think of the term “atonement” as meaning “at one-ment”, being with one another, being reconciled!  One way of understanding the cross is that it represents atonement between humanity and divinity, that Jesus takes the responsibility for the Sins of human beings and cancels them out with His death on the cross.

BUT the Passion narratives in the Gospels should also prompt us to think about reconciliation in OUR OWN lives as well.  During Lent, we should ask ourselves, “What should I have done that I did not do? What risks should I have taken (for Jesus) that I was afraid to take? When did my sense of “self-preservation” trump over my sense of courage?

The Gospel is not always easy to follow, but take heart and be courageous, Jesus is with you and with me, each and every day if we take heart and follow HIM. Lent is about giving our inadequacies and be a Limitless Person in Jesus Christ.

For we are Easter People, let us walk with the Lord every day and bring others to the good news about Jesus taking on the Sin of the world and the saving Grace of him.

It’s NOT about the bunny, or chicks, or baby ducks or an Easter candy egg.

It’s ALL ABOUT JESUS our Lord!


Pastor Jim