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Praying Through the Day

posted Feb 2, 2010, 6:52 PM by Unknown user
One of the seasons of the Christian year I look forward to is Lent.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb 17, 2010) and continues for 40 days (not including Sundays) until Easter.  It is a time for self-reflection and examination and gives one the opportunity to draw close to God.

I have discovered that one way of drawing closer to God is by praying throughout the day.  Unless one is very focused and determined, it is usually difficult to remember to engage in this practice as the day unfolds and distractions of various kinds enter one's world.  In my younger days, I often hiked trails in north Georgia either on the Appalachian Trail or in the Cohutta Wilderness near Chatsworth, Georgia.  Every experienced hiker know the necessity of following blazes or markers on the trail.

Blazes are arrows painted on trees, rocks and boulders that show a walker how to stay on the trail' where to turn to the right or left or where to switchback or zig-zag on a sharp turn.  Blue blazes indicate where water can be found and point to a creek or spring off the trail.

One way to think about practicing the presence of God is to look for blazes or markers in our day to remind us to pray or stop to give thanks to God.  A few suggestions would be to pray upon awakening and before going to sleep and before each meal.  A marker may be an index card (with a few prayers concerns listed on it) clipped to the visor in the car that reminds us to pray (eyes open!) as we drive.  Offering up a prayer of thanksgiving when stuck in traffic or at a long red light is a great way to practice the presence fo God in an otherwise stressful situation.  When we are "on hold" waiting for the phone to be answered gives us a few seconds to stop and pray.  I sometimes silently pray for God to bless the lives of those in line next to me at the checkout counter.

This of the markers you may use to remind you to pray throughout the day.  Each time we pause in prayer, we are transported to the throne of God.  What better way to spend the 40 days of Thanks be to God for the privilege of praying!

-Pastor Beth