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Pastor Jim wonders......

posted Feb 26, 2018, 10:37 AM by Bowmansville UMC

Since we are in the Season of Lent, one of the questions I keep asking is....

“How can I think of Lent in a fresh way? How can I make Lent more than just giving up chocolate, pop, or some other habit we may have?”

One of the ideas I read was about how we address the gap between the cross on which Jesus hung at Golgotha and the empty cross that hangs in our sanctuary and in sanctuaries in most protestant churches.

The gap might be called Holy Saturday, the gap between the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus. Some theologians describe this time as a time of living in the between times of Jesus’ resurrection and Jesus’ return as promised to his disciples.

It is a time when Jesus has finished his work, but we do not see the fulfillment yet. It has a fancy name called “realized eschatology”. It is much like the end of World War II. The war was declared over, the documents signed; yet there were soldiers in isolated places who did not know and so the war continued for them until someone came and told them they could stop fighting.

We live in a time waiting for Jesus to come and rule over the kingdom. In the gap, we continue to live and wait. So maybe one question we might think about during Lent is, “How do we live in this gap?”

How do we live in a world filled with gaps caused by our own human brokenness and frailty?

What are the gaps in our lives that stop us from experiencing life in a more full and complete way?

How do we find life in the gaps of our lives? Is it through Christian fellowship? Well YES but maybe more… Is it living life and fellowship around other folks like the old saying goes…”Preach the Gospel….and use words ONLY when necessary”! Or maybe another cliché we use in prison ministry is …..”be the only bible another fellow may ever read!!!”

What if we all could lead lives that would make others question “WHY” we live our lives this way….and that doesn’t just mean going to church on Sundays, but our whole way of life of how we meet and greet others and how we interact with others helping them out in times of trouble, and in sharing of laughter also.

As your Pastor I try not to be “an old fogy” and get caught up in my old ways of what I THOUGHT a Christian was!!!!!......too many rules ….is a thought….

Jesus made it very clear what we are called to do as Christians is Serve others…and if needed…..use words…

May your Lenten time be blessed with an inner perspective of growth and wisdom in our Savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jim