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October......Fall, Family, Food, Friends

posted Sep 25, 2017, 1:04 PM by Bowmansville UMC

Well folks, September has come and almost gone, and we now will enter October, the smell of “fall”,  of autumn leaves falling, the raking of those leaves and some cloudy and rainy (again?) days ahead.

But we here at Bowmansville UMC have much to look forward to this time of the year.

In some of our homes, the normalcy of regular times of school, grades, (right Amy?), the business of school but there is also the business of church, the world and all of those things call all together as Christ’s servants.

Jesus spoke to many in the crowds and his disciples about the world around them, the fall time of harvest, the thrashing of the grains, harvesting of the vineyards, and wine press.

We have a Meatloaf dinner in September, a Friends & Family dinner; this is an outreach of our church to new friends and maybe some family around the area.

We have another one coming forward this October, Wilma’s famous Chicken & Biscuit dinner!

Let’s all join together in Discipleship and be a friend, bring a friend, be a friend in Christ at these dinners as a witness to Jesus Christ and show good family connectedness as this church does so well.

We, as members of Bowmansville UMC, have much to be thankful for in our blessings through Christ’s holy word and his blessed actions here as a family, Shepherding-based church.

I recently finished my first year of Course of Study, and the Wesleyan Class meeting book was part of my teachings.  Part of that main theme was Shepherding the flock, and that is what makes Bowmansville UMC stand out as a church & as family, the Shepherding program which came right out of that Wesleyan theology.

Let’s think how we can use this Shepherding program to add to our church's family this fall season of the year and through the new church calendar starting with Advent.

Let us all be a blessing to those we meet in everyday life.

Blessings to you all this season.

Pastor Jim