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Looking toward Harvest, Missions, Outreach

posted Sep 25, 2018, 1:02 PM by Bowmansville UMC

Well folks Sept has come and gone, and we are still in the heat but we are pushing toward October, a little cooler air temperature perhaps, the smell of “fall” of autumn leaves falling, the raking of those leaves and some cloudy and rainy (again?) days ahead.

But we here at Bowmansville UMC for my third year in a row I feel that we as a church have much to look forward to in this time of the year.

In some of our homes the normally of regular times of school hours, the grades, (right Amy, & Ken?) the business of school but there is also the business of church, the world and all of those things calling all together as Christ’s servants.

Jesus spoke to many in the crowds and to his disciples about the world around them, the fall time of harvest, the thrashing of the grains, (for us here in WNY the crunch of fresh picked apples, look in the church fridge for a healthy snack…) harvesting of the vineyards, and wine press, the harvesting of olives, and so much more.

There is God’s blessing in all of these things of which HE the Lord thy God has provided a bounty for us all in this harvest time of the year.

We as a church provide a blessing to those we know in the church, both near and far away, and through our many outreach missions.

We are Jesus hands blessing those we do not know nor most likely will never know, but they feel the love of Christian community in our out-reach in missions to them.

At this time of the hurricane season is in full “swing” we need to be a Methodist blessing in providing for our neighbors far away in the outreach of Cleanup (flood) buckets through our own church which will be sent through our Upper NY Conference to areas in need as they see fit. You folks have already been a blessing to many down south, a blessing in the Freedom Lounge, and the Gold Star Moms, so many folks we touch in so many good ways in the name of Jesus Christ.

We have just had a simple Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese sandwich dinner night with the ongoing bible study on Wednesday evening. We have another one coming forward this October, and maybe November depending on schedules.

Let’s all join together in Discipleship and be a friend, bring a friend, be a friend in Christ to these dinners as a witness to Jesus Christ and show good family connectedness as this church does so well.

Speaking of bible studies in the evening (winter time maybe during the day as well) I have been requested through the church to do a Methodist/Wesleyan church study so for the months after Christmas I have planned a 2 part program, Methodist Identity Part 1-OUR STORY, and Part 2-OUR BELIEFS.

This series is put out by the Wesley Ministry Network and contains many speakers from the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC. Many of these speakers’ names I have already heard and listened to on other courses in the Methodist Lay Ministry courses I have taken and given in the past. As an added bonus, there is a small video presentation of Methodism in Europe, China, Japan, Korea, India, and Africa.

Bowmansville church is a blessing to all who come through and serve through these doors in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Love, Grace & Peace in Jesus name. Pastor Jim