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posted Feb 27, 2011, 6:41 AM by Dustin Skare
In the book Undone by Easter, United Methodist Bishop William Willimon describes the experience of listening to a violinist's rendition of Vivaldi:

She was utterly absorbed by the music on the printed page, her whole body in motion from what she saw with her eyes, vision being transferred through the brain to her fingers, all conveyed to the instrument she played.  While she was completely attentive, ardently faithful to each note on the page, she also gave the music an interpretation that was her own - she seemed to play the piece with particular energy and heightened tempo.

For the past year, I have been taking guitar lessons faithfully.  I have made a lot of progress since I first started (either that or that's what Carmen tells me to be nice).  My guitar instructor earlier this week yet again encouraged me to continue to work on my timing but to also focus on "feeling" the music.

I wonder if God ever says the same thing to us.  We are the one's who faithfully read the Scriptures; we notice the details and specifics.  Like a violinist, we play the notes as they are printed.  But I wonder if God asks us to work on our "rhythm and timing" so that our lives are in sync with the heart beat of God, to give our own rendition so to speak of how God is inspiring us to live out the gospel in real tangible ways to those in the communities in which we live.

Beginning in the season of Lent, I will be leading a series of sermons that will focus on different time tested spiritual disciplines.  The purpose is so that we as a church cam both as individuals and as a corporate whole spend time deepening our faith in Christ, becoming so familiar with the "music of God" that we offer a faithful interpretation with and through our lives while preparing ourselves for the "heightened tempo" of the resurrections.

Pastor Nick Perry