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posted Feb 10, 2017, 8:03 PM by Bowmansville UMC

Well folk, we are fully into winter and the season of Epiphany in the church.

Hopefully our days are now getting two minutes longer each day, maybe some sunshine, besides your bright faces in church each Sunday. And a whole lot of church activities to be looking forward to in March.

But here it is February, the WNY coldest month of the year usually, and now in this mid-winter Epiphany Season what can we do as Christians as an outward reach to our fellow neighbors?

Can you run your snow blower (if you have one) down the sidewalk to help an elderly couple nearby, or maybe help with a grocery run for them so they don’t need to go out into the cold as much?

How about just picking up the phone and giving shut-ins in your church a call to have a friendly conversation to lighten their day (and to check if they are ok, remember that grocery question?)

College students are fully back into their studies.  If they are attending college away from the home area, they might appreciate a card from home, or a big treat would be a mailing tube of home baked cookies.

Church members who are the “snow birds” and are wintering away also might like to hear about church news & community news from the ol’ home town, so give them a call or send a card or two!

This February time of the year can be hard on folks, and like the Magi, The Wise men, the three Kings, whatever the traditions say to call them through history, they persevered on their journey to come and worship the King of Kings, though the journey was long, some figure up to 2 years, they came to that home in Bethlehem.  We also are on a journey each day to seek and find.

You ask what are we to seek & find if we already know Christ our Lord. Well, how about the less fortunate, the less well off, the spiritually dead, the lost souls around us. The whole world calls for a Savior. Like that star in the sky, we can be the guiding light this Epiphany season.  This dark time of the year, be a light shining and guiding others to the Christ the Savior of the world.

Pastor Jim