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Easter Message from Pastor Kevin - The Resurrection of Jesus

posted Mar 28, 2021, 5:32 PM by Deanna Skare

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection, the belief in God’s saving grace through Jesus is destroyed. When Jesus rose from the dead, He confirmed His identity as the Son of God and His work of atonement, redemption, reconciliation, and salvation. The resurrection was a real, literal, physical rising of Jesus’ body from the dead.

Jesus was arrested, tried and found guilty of claiming to be a king. His body was hung on a cross between two thieves. After His death, Jesus’ body was wrapped in linen cloths and placed in a tomb with a large stone rolled across the opening. On the third day, an early Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene and another Mary came to the tomb and found it empty. Sitting on the rolled away stone was an angel of the Lord who told them not to be afraid because Jesus had risen. As the women left to tell the disciples, Jesus Christ met them and showed them His nail pierced hands.

Both the old and new testament speak of the truth of Jesus being raised from death – Jesus testified of His resurrection. Before He died on the cross and His disciples witnessed His body after the resurrection.

The Gospels of Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20 speak of the resurrection of our Savior. Remember that He had to die and be raised, to save us from our sins. This way we can live with Him forever in Paradise.