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Christians are called to help

posted Sep 25, 2016, 12:29 PM by Bowmansville UMC   [ updated Oct 3, 2016, 9:12 AM ]

In the Name of Jesus I greet you these early October days.

Well, where did most of the September days go these last few weeks……has your life been as busy as mine has in the Lords service?

We are nearing October & cooler weather in the evenings, which for many folks will be a temperature relief. So you are wondering why this weather forecast………well, most of the stormy summer weather is past us, and there has been much flooding of communities around this country.

As Christians we are called to help out in thought (prayer), word (ask how we can help?), and deed…..that’s putting our gifts to work for others! Our good Bishop Mark Webb has put out a call to all Methodist churches in this conference to help with making & collecting materials for the cleaning buckets (we used to call them flood buckets).  I know this church in the past couple of months had completed 3 buckets, but I tell you just as it says in scripture, the need is great but the workers are few! 

I commented on if EACH church of our own Niagara Frontier District would produce just three complete cleaning buckets, that would make I think 237 buckets and that would fill quite a few pallets to be shipped down to the Mission Central 5 Pleasant View Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. If you don’t know UMCOR & Mission Central in Pa, and all the little Hubs around, I think that this church & some youth should consider an overnight field trip!  Sounds scary…..but is all mission work a bit scary when you haven’t done it for the first time! (Of course, if you all have done this already…well no big deal).  I’m not asking to go to Africa, just to Mid-Central Pennsylvania, and staying overnight to make the trip easier! 

I’ve been there with a group of mission minded ladies & a couple of guys also from churches and we had a blast learning all about what our connectional ministries do down there ALL AROUND THE WORLD!  We also helped with putting together missions projects around a table for the afternoon. 

Here is the web-link                 Check it out!

Let’s start talking about a springtime trip…say Friday to Saturday, getting home late Sat evening……yes there will be church on Sunday to Praise the Lord!

Now Thanksgiving (for our blessings) is just around the corner, and so is Advent, but I want you folks to start positively thinking ahead about what we can do for our fellow human beings both here & around this nation which still receives many blessings from the Lord! Cleaning Buckets is just one thing.

Remember Matthew 9:37-38 ……..The Lord of the Harvest……..Thanks be to the Lord Almighty for you folks here at Bowmansville UMC.  Give All Praise to HIM.

Pastor Jim