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Upper Parish Hall Renovation Update

posted Aug 11, 2014, 9:40 AM by Bowmansville UMC   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 2:08 PM ]
The Upper Parish Hall is completed except for finishing touches!  Stop in and check out the new look!

Since last reported in March, 2014, the following work has been completed:

*  New chairs and tables are in use.  A memorial plaque is on display in the hall indicating the new chairs and tables were purchased from the Memorial Fund in memory of Loved Ones.

*  The stage floor and front of the stage were refurbished.

*  Two cupboards were re purposed and painted white for storage in the hall.

*  A new stage curtain was hung 8/10/14.

Considerations are underway to remove or replace the refrigerator in the hall, and add some decorative touches.

Kenny and Ron are thrilled with the new look!

The Renovation Team is on to the next project - updating the Sonrise Room, bathroom and entry hall to the Sonrise Room.  Paint has been selected for those areas and carpet tiles for the Sonrise Room.  We await a scheduling date for assistance with the painting from the Wyoming Correctional Facility.

You can help too!  Donations to the Renovation Fund are needed to purchase the carpet and paint products.  This project will be less costly than the Upper Parish Hall, but will give the area a fresh, clean appearance.  Please see Sandy Bittermann or Ann Sikora if you can provide a donation of any amount to help with our continuing efforts to brighten up our church.  Fundraising ideas are also welcome.


Addendum:  Painting was completed in the Sonrise Room, bathroom and East entry hall on August 22.  Thank you to men at the Wyoming Correctional facility for their service.

NOTICE:  Please avoid using any drinks/food with red dye in the newly carpeted areas.  The carpet installer advised red Koolaid is the worst for staining.  We request the use of only lemonade, water, coffee or tea in the Upper Parish Hall for beverages during functions and also avoidance of jello with red dye.