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Upper Parish Hall Renovations

posted Dec 8, 2013, 11:00 AM by Bowmansville UMC   [ updated May 2, 2014, 12:52 PM ]

A brainstorming committee first met over two years ago to consider changes needed in the Upper Parish Hall.  You have now started seeing some changes.

      1.      The windows were replaced in December 2011.

2.   New window blinds were installed in September 2013.

3.   New ceiling lights were replaced in the Upper Parish Hall, kitchen and hallways upstairs in November 2013.  The lights were received at no cost thanks to Tom Stenzel being alert to our need and procuring them when they were made available. 

The following additional changes are planned, and we hope to have completed in 2014.

4.   Paint the Upper Parish Hall, hallway to the bathroom and hallways down to the Lower Parish Hall, including the trim and the ceiling.  Wyoming County Correctional has agreed to provide a team to complete the job at no cost.  The church must supply the paint and necessary equipment, including brushes, rollers, drop cloths, ladders and possibly scaffolding to be able to reach our 12 ft. ceilings.  We hope to have the painting completed in January 2014, which will make a big impact on the appearance of the hall.

5.    Install carpet tiles in the Upper Parish Hall, new tread on the stairs down to the sanctuary level, and new carpeting on the landings.  After much consideration and meeting with three vendors, it was decided carpet tiles would be the best option to cover the present tile due to the asbestos present in the old tile. 

6.    New stage curtain will be purchased in 2014.

7.    New lighter weight tables and chairs will be purchased after the floor is replaced.

8.    Refinish the front of the stage.

The windows, blinds and light installation are already paid for through fundraisers – some of the money from dinners, previous craft show and silent auction, and donations from the congregation supporting the purchase of new windows.  Funding is available for the paint project, stage front refurbishing, stage curtain and the new tables and chairs through fundraisers, donations and the Memorial Fund. 

Funding is needed to purchase and install the carpet tiles and some extra tiles in case of damage.    The cost of the flooring is approximately $7000.  At this point, we are short about $3000.  We are asking the congregation to considering a gift to the church in any amount to help with the completion of this project.  This funding of the carpet tiles is now the biggest obstacle blocking the completion of the renovation which will give us a fresh, brighter Upper Parish Hall.   Checks can be made payable to the church and given to Ann Sikora or Sandy Bittermann.   WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Yours in Christ, Deanna Skare