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Kangaroo Korner from Mary Lee

posted Jul 3, 2013, 12:34 PM by Deanna Skare   [ updated Jul 3, 2013, 1:27 PM ]

Hello again everyone.  I hope all of your summer days will be long and lovely.  I can't take credit for the majority of this month's content, because it comes from an email forwarded to me by a friend, which was a story forwarded to him that originated somewhere in cyberspace.  Whether or not the story itself is true, the moral is certainly one that should be shared as part of any Christian's spiritual compass.  I won't relay the story itself, but rather just a bit of background, as it was quite lengthy and was probably seen by many of you as a forward from me or someone else.

In essence, the story told of a father's speech at his (then deceased) learning-disabled son's school that highlighted a moment in his child's life that he saw as the gift of some very generous CHILDREN'S hearts--a gift given in the form of an instinctive and compassionate understanding and subsequent decision made in the heat of the moment by a group of young little league baseball players--an important fact, since we all know Christ's love and respect for children and His exhortation to us to be like them.  The story involved the concept of "choice", and that is the focus of this month's article.


In the preamble to the story, the father posed this dilema: 

'When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does,  is done with perfection.  Yet my son cannot learn things as other children do.  He cannot understand things as other children do.  Where is the natural order of things in my son?'

The father continued:

'I believe that when a child like my son, who was mentally and physically disabled, comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.'

The father then related the story, concluding that in their decision these boys had 'brought a piece of true love and humanity into this world'.  He then goes on to make his final point:

'We all share jokes without a second thought, but when it comes to sharing messages about life choices, we often hesitate.  The crude, vulgar and often obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion about decency is too often suppressed in our schools and workplaces.  But we all can make a difference.  We all have multiple opportunities every single day to help realize the natural order of things. So many seemingly trivial interactions between 2 people present us with a choice:  Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up those opportunities and leave the world a little bit colder in the process?'


I can add nothing to enhance the simple elegance of the preceding, so I'll  close with my love and prayers for your continued blessings.  Mary


"Show me the path where I should go, O Lord; point out the right road for me to walk."  Psalm 25:4


"We must strengthen, defend, preserve and comfort each other.  We must love one another.  We must bear one another's burdens.  We must not look only on our own things, but also on the things of our brother.  We must rejoice together, mourn together, labor and suffer together."  John Winthrop