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Kangaroo Korner

posted Aug 24, 2014, 12:14 PM by Bowmansville UMC


It was so wonderful to see you all this past summer, and I thank you for your loving welcome.  Best wishes for a colorful autumn and a much kinder and gentler Winter.  Of course, with Winter comes the joyful promise of Christmas, and with such a lovely response to last year's repetition of the excerpted poetry from the first Christmas legend penned by the Trans Siberian Orchestra's Paul O'Neill, I thought you might enjoy hearing again the excerpted poetry from their second legend entitled "The Christmas Attic".  So over the next four months, I pray you the wonder and beauty of the magic of the Season...Part 1


"Somewhere in the universe between this night and God, an angel sat upon a star while thinking very hard.  Once again the Lord had given him a quest, to return to earth on the night of Christmas Eve and his time, to leave the one thing BEHIND that would most benefit all of mankind.  But he could bring nothing with him from the heavenly world.  Like the race of man he would be endeavoring to help, he must arrive and leave the earth with only his soul.  Although his time was quickly passing, the angel suddenly felt his soul being touched by the prayer of a child.

This young girl had been happily awaiting the coming of Christmas, when some unkind children had taunted her about the impossibility of miracles.  So she had crept up to the attic on this Eve, to try to experience the magic in the skies and atop the roof for herself.  But she would discover something far more precious as the night wore on.

Like all angels, ours was unable to turn away from any soul in need and moments later was at the young child's side.  As the angel stood in the attic of that old Victorian house, he could not help but feel the numerous shadows of Christmases past that inhabited this room, and he immediately formed a plan to help this child 'believe' once more.  Noticing that these Christmas shadows were deepest near an old trunk, the angel gently turned the girl's eyes in that direction.  Then while softly running his fingers through her hair, he whispered to her that exploring it might be a good way to pass the time as she waited.

So in this room where shadows live and ghosts that failed learn time forgives; who spends this night in attics dark where dreams are stored like sleeping hearts; and so it's here that they must wait 'till someone wishes them awake.

Minutes later the child would discover that the trunk was filled with numerous items that evoked memories of Christmases from long ago.  Ornaments, toys and old records were piled one on another, but the most interesting thing in that trunk was a small stack of yellowed letters and Christmas cards from before she was born.  Fascinated with this window to seemingly forgotten lives, she sat down on a small pile of books and began to read.

These letters that had caught her eye now in her hands they seemed alive.  And as each letter she unsealed a small piece of the past was revealed.  A mix of long forgotten words with melodies no longer heard, all threads of long forgotten lives but here somehow they had survived.  For Christmas weaves a life long spell and most of all remembers well; and as that child explored the past, once again that spell was cast..."


Next month:  Somewhere in this universe between reality and dreams...The first two letters...


Grace and Peace to you,



"Along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and  make the rough places smooth..."  Isaiah 42:16