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Kangaroo Korner

posted Nov 29, 2015, 1:15 PM by Bowmansville UMC

Hello dear friends at BUMC, and I hope you are having a most blessed season of preparation for the most wonderful birthday of all!  While I know too well that this can also be a time of stress and sadness, as well as loneliness and concern for so many, I have also come to understand it is this very celebration of the Hope of the world that can lend its song of love and support to the cries of even the most damaged hearts.  I trust this last chapter of the 3rd and final story, excerpted from the writings of Paul O'Neill for the Trans Siberian Orchestra, will assist in your quest for Christmas joy and peace...

Part 4 

     As the father and son left the hospital together to share a cab, new plans formed for the businessman.  As they rode, the father offered to share his life and home with his son, even going so far as to change careers in order to work alongside his precious child.  So excited was the son in his affirmative response that he accidentally spilled the contents of the manila folder on the cab floor.  As the father rushed to carefully pick them up, the first item was the picture of his wife and himself when they were still young.  And then he saw another picture--an even older picture in black and white of a little girl dressed in an Imperial Russian styled coat--a picture of his wife with her family when she was only 5 years old.  "And he realized that those who love, death cannot divide.  It only provides an extra soul to watch over us from the other side."

     On this night when no child's forgotten, no dream sleeps where He cannot see.  No man here is misbegotten, and this night's dreams are still yet to be.  On this night of hope and salvation, one Child lies embraced in a dream; where each man, regardless of station, on this night can now be redeemed.  Where every man, regardless of his nation, ancestral relations, on this night the past can fly away.  And that dream we've dreamed most, that every child is held close, on this night that dream won't be betrayed.  "For we are all born mortal, like stars and candlelight; and all that really matters is what we do before we fall asleep each night."

     Watching this entire scene was the angel, who now was certain that he had his answer.   (His assignment, lest we've forgotten, was to bring to the Lord the name of the person that best continued the work of His Son on earth.)  Unfolding his wings, he swiftly returned across eternity.  Standing before his Lord, he slowly said the name of the businessman's son, then the names of the storyteller, all the people serving dinner to the poor at the cathedral, the piano player, the musicians, the nurse, and even the name of the businessman himself.  "And those souls reminded the angel how every human waiting to be born, and every life that had left when it was tired out and worn, were connected by those alive right now--which gave the living quite a trust, to pass on what was best and good inside of each of us."

     That anyone could reflect his Lord's Son was now the angel's view.  All it took was to follow the simple words of His Son:  "To do unto others, as you would have others do unto you."  Then the Lord smiled at His angel and said:  "You have done more than your task; it's a gift that eyes rarely have that can see further than they were asked."

     And so this night is ending so close to where it did start, as the angel slept deep that night within his Lord's own heart.  For hope never dies, at worst it only sleeps; and all we surrender, Christmas safely keeps through the cold winter nights of the longest Decembers, till here by starlight we begin to remember...

     And so it's here our story ends, exactly where it did start, in that labyrinth of mystery we call the human heart.  For they say that without it no one can truly live.  And it also has been rumored that without it, we cannot forgive.


    May you have the most sacred and wonderful of Christmas holiday seasons, and I hope the text I've brought you this year in this story has enriched your understandings and broadened your visions of what it is to prepare for and celebrate the Faith we share every day of the year.  "Love and joy come to you..."   And please, never forget the children of the world...Mary