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Giving Back Because He Gives So Much To Us

posted Oct 27, 2020, 9:58 AM by Bowmansville UMC

This thanksgiving season, you are encouraged to give back a little extra. Each day add an item to  a box (ideas below!) At the end of the month donate it to someone that will be blessed by it. Find a family that needs it, drop it off at your local food pantry, or bring it to church to be donated to the Trinity food pantry as part of our yearly collection. Bless others because you yourself are blessed.

Nov 1: box of cereal

Nov 2: peanut butter and/or jelly

Nov 3: stuffing mix

Nov 4: napkins or paper towels

Nov 5: mac & cheese

Nov 6: razors or shaving cream

Nov 7: canned tomatoes

Nov 8: canned tuna

Nov 9: dessert mix

Nov 10: jar of applesauce

Nov 11: paper plates

Nov 12: canned beans

Nov 13: box of crackers

Nov 14: toothbrush or toothpaste

Nov 15: box of rice

Nov 16: oatmeal

Nov 17: pasta

Nov 18: pasta sauce

Nov 20: tomato soup

Nov 21: can of corn

Nov 22: toilet paper or kleenex

Nov 23: soap / shampoo / conditioner

Nov 24: canned fruit

Nov 25: dish soap

Nov 26: granola bars

Nov 27: boxed cookies

Nov 28: can of soup

Nov 29: ketchup / mustard / mayo

Nov 30: spices


“For it is in giving that we receive.” - St. Francis of Assisi

From the November Messenger/Andrea