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Estonia Mission

posted Apr 29, 2019, 1:41 PM by Bowmansville UMC

Happy Easter From Estonia!


Happy Easter! Estonians say, Häid ülestõusmispühi!, which literally means, “happy rising out of bed”. Hopefully you rose up on Easter and proclaimed with Estonian Methodists the famous call and response, “Kristus on üles tõusnud. (Christ is risen). Ta on tõesti üles tõusnud! (He has risen indeed!). Christ is truly risen!  

              As we celebrate the reality of the risen Christ in our lives and churches during the season of Easter, here are a few updates related how we are serving our risen Lord in Estonia.

              Doug is teaching three history classes this semester: The Early and Medieval Church, The Reformation, and The Enlightenment to Today. Kulli is teaching Systematic Theology. This year, we have an amazing group of students who are highly engaged and ask a lot of good (and sometimes difficult!) questions.

What Would Wesley Preach Conference

              March 15-16 was the Estonian pastor’s conference held in Parnu. About 40 pastors, lay preachers, and students gathered. This was a continuation of the What Would Wesley Preach project the church began last September where a workshop was given on how to preach effective sermons. This session, over dozen pastors and students presented sermons inspired by messages found in Wesley’s Standard 52 Sermons which had recently been translated into Estonian. The preacher then received feedback from the group on a host of criteria to assist them to grow. Kulli  contributed by giving feedback to each speaker and delivering a presentation on What Would Wesley Read? She went over some of the books which are known to have either been read or owned by John Wesley and his opinions on certain works. Kulli had a large part in organizing this event. The main point was to give pastors new  ideas and tools for preaching but connecting them strongly to Wesley's theology at the same time.


Palm/Passion Sunday

            On April 21, Doug preached the Tallinn Methodist Church for Palm/Passion Sunday. It was an amazing time of worship as there was a group who was visiting from various parts of Northern Finland and Russia who are ethnically related to Estonians. These are people groups who have had contact with missionaries from the seminary in the past.  Their songs and colorful costumes added to the atmosphere of celebrating Palm/Passion Sunday.


Methodist Youth Conference      

On April 26-27 Approximately 40 Estonian youth gathered for a four-day youth conference at a camp in Southern Estonia. Doug was selected to share with the group on the topics, “What is Forgiveness?” and “What does it mean to be a follower of Christ?” Kulli translated. On Saturday night, following a prayer walk, the youth had a time where they could come up and pray about various needs in their lives or those they loved. We both prayed with several youth as did others. All told, at least 2/3 of the participants came up for prayer. It was a privilege and a joy to be a part of this ministry and to see how young people truly are hungering after a deeper knowledge of their faith with Christ at the center!

New Seminary Logo

On May 24th, the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary where we serve will celebrate its 25th anniversary! The seminary has invited all previous graduates, current students and others to attend this important milestone. It will be a time of celebration and worship. We will share the history, celebrate the present, and share the exciting vision of what God has done and will do in our midst!

              Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Happy Easter once again to all of you who are interested in our ministry and supporting us through your gifts and prayers.

In Christ,

Doug and Kulli