Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Jim and his wife, Pastor Cheryl Brown, in Alaska, summer 2016

There's someone new at BUMC - Pastor Jim Brown (June, 2016)

Hello, Folks of Bowmansville UMC,

Well, being a life time Methodist, this in some ways describes how I have gotten here in my life.

I was raised in a Christian home, my Baptism was at County Line UMC, and my family when I was very young, moved to Middleport NY where this has been my home church.

Through the years there I always was active, (Thanks Dad & Mom) with the Sunday school program, the children’s choir, and then growing and moving on to Adult choir with my school music teacher Stan Tinder directing the choir for many years. I was Tenor, then later on in life a Bass/Baritone.

As an adult there at Middleport UMC I got involved in local missions work, and helped around the church, served on the Board of Trustees for many years, then moved on to the Pastor/Parish (PPRC) committee for a few years, and then to the Admin/finance Committee as chair-person. I held this position through 4 sets of Pastors totaling more than 20 years.

My spiritual education began at Middleport UMC when I began attending congregational retreats each fall at Watson Homestead, then later moving on to Disciple Bible Study #1, #2, #3, Christian Believer, and then #4. I also teach the Disciple Bible study courses.

I have taken & completed college level courses in the Introduction to the Hebrew Bible “The Torah”- part 1 & part 2, as well as other Hebrew/Jewish on-line reading & study links. These courses have opened up the Old Testament “The Tanakh” into new understandings of the scriptures.

I was the C.L.M. at Clinton St. UMC in Lockport NY, and I also teach bible courses at Hartland UMC on Ridge Rd in Gasport…..then this call came recently from Rev. Wayne Butler our D.S. to be a long term pulpit supply for Olcott UMC. I recently received another call from Rev. Wayne Butler our D.S.

My family is involved totally in being the “Hands & Feet” of Jesus the Messiah as my good wife Cheryl has a Masters of Divinity and is a local full time Licensed Pastor at Asbury UMC on Dodge road in Amherst.

We both do missions work as we are called and we both serve in the Kairos Prison Ministry program. I am currently involved in the Kairos Prison Ministry as WNY Kairos prison Rep. to Wende Correctional in Alden NY, as well as Albion Correctional as needed.

I also have been trained for Collin/Gowanda Correctional. I serve on WNY Kairos council as Spiritual Director.

We are also active in the Walk to Emmaus and also the Chrysalis flights for the youth in the church. I also serve on the Niagara Frontier Board of Laity & help with Catch the Spirit!

I serve on the Niagara Frontier Trustee Committee and attend meetings in the Upper NY Conference as needed. (Revised 4/12/18)

What do we (Cheryl & I) do at home in our spare time you ask? Well at times we babysit 2 out of 3 grandchildren, (grandson #2,) Noah, who is 4 years old, and (grandson#3) Remington (Remmy), who is 5 months old.  Grandson #1, Brandon, will be entering into the service of our Country soon, as he has had a preliminary swearing in ceremony.

Our current dog is Duncan a NOISY Basset hound, Kaz the cat (good mouser) & also a adopted “fat cat” named Snowflake whom I seen at a shelter. When I asked about “the fat cat” the shelter people said that nobody wants a “fat cat”! I asked how long she has been there, and they said they were taking bets on how long till someone adopts her! When I heard she was already there for 6+ months I said we will take her. Well she is now slimming down…under much protest, but she is more active now!

I have a sister who is handi-capped, her name is Judy, and she resides with Opportunities Unlimited in Niagara Falls/Tonawanda area. Judy was adopted at birth and she is 4 years younger than I. She loves going to church and has served with Meals on Wheels.

We have a small farm in the country where we raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, & also work with the Erie County SPCA when they have abundance of farm animals taken into shelter.

We also volunteer at Old Fort Niagara on week-end events and we are in charge of the field kitchen when large re-enactments are scheduled, we feed 650-1000 people daily for breakfast for the 3-4 days, plus evening events as well during the winter months there.

Both my good wife Cheryl & I are historically minded so don’t be surprised if I show up “in strange clothing” some Sunday!!???

God Bless You all!

James Brown

Pastor Jim and Cheryl aboard the Star Princess

        Pastor Jim as John the Baptist during VBS                            Pastors Jim and Cheryl in Anchorage


Ever wonder what Pastor Jim does during his "free" time?  One of his passions is volunteering at Old Fort Niagara.  Pastor Jim and Cheryl recently were at Old Fort Niagara for the French and Indian War Encampment the first weekend in July.  The reenactment  recreates the British siege of the fort against the French in 1759. There were three days of living history with hundreds of reenactors, settlers selling their handmade wares, multiple large-scale battles, music, food, musket and cannon firings, Native American councils, and and hands-on activities.  Jim and Cheryl helped feed over 600 participants.


Need power tools to whip pancake batter for 600

More breakfast preparations

       Cheryl getting ready for the hungry mob

Serving the troops


Pastor Jim and his wife, Pastor Cheryl, at Mackinac Island (Mackinaw), Michigan celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary - July 2017.  Congratulations Cheryl and Jim!

Pastors Jim and Cheryl by the ferry docks that transport visitors to and from the Island.


Bob Emerson, executive director of the Old Fort Niagara Association, presents Cheryl and James Brown of Lockport with a plaque recognizing them as Old Fort Niagara's 2017 Volunteers of the Year. 

James and Cheryl Brown of Lockport were given special recognition at the annual breakfast for their decades of active volunteerism at the fort. They support living-history programming through their contributions in the fort’s boulangerie and bake house, demonstrating cooking techniques and food for visitors from around the world. They have also assisted by donating historic reproductions that are used in daily programming.

“Thanks to Jim and Cheryl, Old Fort Niagara has gained a reputation in the reenactment community as an extremely hospitable venue for living history events,” said Robert Emerson, executive director of the Old Fort Niagara Association. “Through their time and talents, they have made Old Fort Niagara and the Niagara Region a better place to live and visit.”

The Browns regularly organize, supply, oversee and serve breakfast to hundreds of reenactors at the fort's annual French and Indian War Encampment and War of 1812 Encampment.

Emerson said these well-planned breakfasts help make Old Fort Niagara one of North America’s premier reenactor-friendly historic sites. Months of planning and preparation go into these breakfasts and, during the events, the Browns are busy from early morning into late evening.

“People like the Browns make Old Fort Niagara better,” Emerson said. “We are so thankful for their generous and humble contributions to this place.”

(Article from the Lockport Journal April 8, 2018)