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BUMC 2018/2019 Bible/DVD Themed Bible Studies

posted Mar 27, 2018, 1:40 PM by Bowmansville UMC
Which one (or ones) would you like to attend?  What day/time would be best?

Christianity & World Religions (an overview) Adam Hamilton 6 week series

Jesus among other gods Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam Ravi Zacharias 5 weeks series

(The absolute claims of the Christian message)

Making Sense of the Bible Adam Hamilton 6 week series

24 Hours that Changed the World (Easter) Adam Hamilton 7 week series

Reveling the Mysteries of Heaven David Jeremiah 11 weeks “

Ten (10) Questions Christians are asking! David Jeremiah 10 weeks “

Spiritual Warfare Terms of Engagement David Jeremiah 9 weeks “

The Invisible War (Spiritual warfare also) Chip Ingram 8 weeks “

The Wesleyan Way (A Faith that matters) Scott J. Jones 8 weeks “

Three “Simple” Rules (A Wesleyan way of Living) Rueben P. Job 5 weeks “

ALL of the Ray VanderLaan series coming soon

12 Biblical DVD series 6 weeks each