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Africa 360 Bungee Jump Challenge

posted Jul 1, 2016, 1:26 PM by Bowmansville UMC
(Message from District Office)
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who accepted our District Superintendent's challenge to raise money for Africa 360. Rev. Wayne Butler will be going to Darien Lake for the payoff - he will fly on the Redhawk bungee jump! Come be part of the group to see the jump in person on Saturday, July 23! This also happens to be the last day of Kingdom Bound (we didn't plan it that way, it just happened). We can get group tickets for $17.99 each (60% off regular admission; no sales tax) if you order them through the District Office. Send in an order (with payment) from your church or on your own - make checks out to Darien Lake. Tickets will then be mailed to the District Office. Once Julie has them, you will be notified to make arrangements to get your tickets. Orders must be received by Friday, July 9. After that, tickets are still available, but contact Julie on how to do it. Let's make this a celebration - bring a sign to show your support for our District Superintendent! We plan to film the event and post it on the Conference website so we want to have a good crowd cheering him on his "flight." We hope to be able to post a sign as to what time to be there; we won't know until that day what time, but will try for early afternoon. 247 Cayuga Road, Suite 70 716-276-8631